BALL Admission

BALL Admission

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  • Opening Cocktail
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  • Dance Party

Buy here the admission ticket and attend the magical Grand Masked Ball in one of the mythical and legendary places in the world. Here you can re-imagine the great balls of literature and films. Enigmas and secretes will be shared in a captivating environment, where attendants will meet and greet in a mesmerized mood, that have been submerged in mystery!

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Here you can buy the Grand Masked Ball admission ticket! The event will collect all the ladies and gentlemen of the high society at one magical place. Here the stage will be decorated in a way that will form architectural maze. Skylights will be covered with mystical lacework and they will adorn the infinite ceilings and edges even more. Each and every corner will give a different view by virtue of musical detailing, aroma and architectural view. Candle lights and torches will add a spirit where flames will be dancing with stars. Bathed in vibrant shades of light every edge and corner will make you feel like you are in heaven and every guest will feel like king or queen of the night.
People will get emotional and feel absorbed seeing this blast filled with entertainment that present a different spirit of life that is combined with unique ideas and attractions with sensational eye-catching live performances fulfilling them demands for freedom and control. Masked men and women in their costumes will move around spinning across the dance floor.

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